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Covid Hurts Seasonal Hiring

47% of retailers say they are having trouble hiring workers for the holiday season,

due to safety concerns related to Covid-19

by Caitlin Mullen at

For retailers, the onset of the holiday season typically means a surge in hiring, but the Covid-19 pandemic has fewer job seekers interested in those seasonal positions. 

    In polling 50 major retailers, global consulting firm Korn Ferry recently found 47% are having trouble hiring workers for the holiday season, due to safety concerns related to Covid-19, reports Business Insider.   MORE

Executive Career Coach vs Mentor: Who Do You Need?


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If you’re looking to make a career move, you’re likely to turn to a professional to help you take the right next steps. At Ivy Exec, we are often asked when you need a mentor’s help and when you need an Executive Career Coach.

    In a nutshell, a mentor is someone in your field who can help you prepare for common career milestones. A career coach, on the other hand, is more of a career generalist, who can help you develop the accountability and timelines you need to explore new fields, compile your application materials, and plan a career change. In this article, we’ll discuss common scenarios when you might connect with each type of expert.   MORE


Australian Women Over 50 Left to Languish in Poverty

Increasing numbers of older women are being locked out of the workforce

and left struggling to survive on jobseeker

by Luke Henriques-Gomes at

Deborah Jacobs has tried everything to stay out of unemployment. Bookkeeping, massage, childcare, counselling, even started her own newspaper in the 1990s. And yet, at 63, Jacobs finds herself languishing on unemployment and in poverty – discarded by an economy that refuses to make room for older women.

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What to do When the Unpredictable is the New Normal

by Marc Miller at

The year 2020 has proven that the unpredictable is the new normal.

    When things are unpredictable or uncertain it causes a lot of stress. I interviewed Eliz Greene on the Repurpose Your Career Podcast in March of 2020 in the episode Dealing with Stress and Uncertainty with Eliz Greene. We were in the midst of a lockdown and we were all coping with things that were very uncertain.

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Coronavirus Affecting Your Job Search?

We've added some additional material that we hope can help.
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Employees Only

Job candidates need to find new ways to get a foot in the door

After listening for years to people bemoan the changes in the job search process compared with a few decades ago, along comes the Covid brouhaha and the job search process has been turned inside out once again.

    The Harvard Business Review reported on research from the 1970s which found that most jobs, at the time, were secured through “personal contacts.” It’s hard to establish “personal contacts” with social distancing and Zoom, but personal contact (note no “s”) is still an important element in the equation.

    The hard part is establishing personal contact in a world of ATS, Zoom and working remotely. In 2020, how do you get your foot in the door?

    Before you start, a little introspection will help. Do you really know all your skills and talents – the things that can differentiate you from the competing talent, regardless of age? Arming yourself with this knowledge will help you target industries, companies and openings where you can shine.

    Oddly enough, another step in the process is to establish a list of your personal contacts. No matter how long you’ve been looking, you still must know colleagues, former co-workers and bosses, vendors, etc. Make a list; check it twice (or three times); and set some priorities. Here’s a tip: don’t start at the top of the list. Pick someone around number 10 and contact them for a trial run to get comfortable with the experience.

    After you’ve done your prep work and once you’re in the game, have a resume that will pass the automated systems, create a strong and effective LinkedIn profile, don’t read too much into job titles and get ready for the eventual remote interview. And network. Sure you can’t mix and mingle at happy hours, but you can work the phone, monitor social media and let everyone you know that you are looking.

    Once the race has begun, don’t take your foot off the gas until you have a sound, definite commitment to a job, a salary and a start date. And you only have to find one.

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