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Baby Boomer Employment Across Time

The Baby Boom – one of the most powerful demographic events in the history of the United States

by Jennifer Nash at

older worker with glasses

10 Jobs That Might Appeal to People Over 50

The challenges while job searching at an older age and offer tips on overcoming these obstacles


group meeting

The Power of Informational Interviews

How to use them to your advantage


mature man meeting

Size Does Matter
Funny how a job search can break some long-standing molds

➔    Job search advice is everywhere – even here. That’s kind of the idea behind Nifty50s, to provide advice, counsel, assistance, tips, etc. to the age 50+ job seeker. But that doesn’t mean that we have all the answers. And neither does anyone else.

Portrait of Businesswoman

Your Summer Reading List

The Nifty50s library has more than 50 book titles that can help you in your job search. From resumes, to interviews, to job search tips and techniques, you’re sure to find something to boost your job hunt

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