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7 Subtle Ways Ageism is Impacting Your Interview

by Mara Fahl at

For years, older workers have been the fastest-growing segment of the U.S. workforce, with AARP reporting in 2019 that workers over the age of 55 filled nearly half of new jobs. While ageism in interviews and hiring have always been an issue, the market for job seekers over 55 was robust. Then the pandemic hit.
   Today, job seekers aged 55 and older are experiencing the highest levels of long-term unemployment, with joblessness impacting older women most of all. As we begin to heal from the pandemic, with the job market similarly showing signs of healing, more and more of these workers will attempt to reenter the workforce.

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6 Life-Changing Career Tips From The Co-Authors Of The Little Book To Land Your Dream Job

by NJ Falk at

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How do you land your dream job? Everyone’s thought or wished they knew the answer. Help is now on the way. Billy Clark and Clayton Apgar are the unconventional career experts and co-authors who just released The Little Book to Land Your Dream Job Today.
    Why now? Clark and Apgar, who have collectively counseled over 5,000 professionals on career development, job search and worked with many top-performing organizations worldwide share how.

Scottsdale Senior Offers Tips to Older Workers

Looking to Get Back, Stay in the Game

by Nicole Raz at

Nancy A. Shenker left her busy city life in Manhattan three years ago to begin her next chapter in Scottsdale… But after a couple of years, Shenker got bored.
   “There’s only so many hikes and trips I can take and I was like, ‘I’m ready to be intellectually challenged again.’”

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You Can Wear Many Hats

There are many paths to follow for today’s older worker

First, the bad news. In times such as these, quite often older workers are the first to be let go and it’s more than likely they will be the ones who are out of work and looking longer than any other age group. What’s more, it’s also likely that, when they do find work, older workers will end up making less money than they were before.
   Second, the good news. And, yes Virginia, there is good news. The good news is that, today, there are far more opportunities for older workers to carve out their own paths to re-employment.   MORE 


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