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Legal Protections For Older Workers:
Know Your Rights

“Older workers often bear the brunt of… cutbacks because employers use the opportunity to get rid of older workers.”

by Alexis Ronickher & Debra S. Katz at

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Workforce Losing Older Employees

by Judi Currie at

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Declined a Job Offer?
It Is Possible To Go Back With These 5 Tips


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Thank You!
You haven’t said it if it’s not in writing

➔    Just because you’ve completed your job interview, that doesn’t mean that your responsibilities have been met. It should come as no shock that virtually all job-search experts recommend sending a thank you note to your interviewer(s).

    Most everyone accepts this time-honored tradition. (Actually, it’s not a tradition so much as it’s the right, respectful and professional thing to do.) The biggest question that today’s job seekers face in this situation is: Do I need to send a hard copy thank you through the mail, or will an email suffice?

Do You Have 7.4 Seconds? 


Jobs board conducted an “eye-tracking” study to discover how recruiters view applicants resumes. “Despite operating in the toughest hiring environment in decades, many recruiters are still skimming resumes for details—with the average initial screen clocking in at just 7.4 seconds in 2018.”

We now have the Ladders Eye-Tracking Study available here at Nifty50s.