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How to Show You’re Qualified
for the Job: 4 Tips

You must bridge the gap and show
that you’re qualified for the job

by Kimberli Lowe-MacAuley at

gray haired man at conf table

The Feds Are Taking a Closer Look
at Ageism in the Workplace


Companies that refuse to recruit or hire older workers may be sued for violating age-discrimination law

by Brit Morse at

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These job search sites help match applicants with employers – many of these sites feature employers who are seeking more mature workers.   Get FREE!

Ageism: Taming The Last Frontier
Of Career Discrimination

“You are never too old to chase your dreams.”

by Bryan Robinson, Ph.D. at

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It’s Not What it Appears
A rose by any other name…

➔    We’ve mentioned it here before – and you’ve probably heard it 100 times yourself – LinkedIn is a crucial tool in finding a job in today’s economy.  Of course this is true for candidates of all ages – not just the 50+ job seeker. So let’s just burst that bubble – somewhat.



“Trustworthiness is the most desirable trait CEOs tell me they look for in their employees…Trust is a huge currency in [an] organization, it’s the quality on which all professional relationships are built and how they thrive.”

— Ranjay Gulati, a professor at Harvard Business School, on the employee asset that trumps high performance

                                                      — CNBC MakeIt

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