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Too Young, Too Old, or Just a Woman? How to Fight Stereotypes of
'Gendered Ageism'

“People should never be making assumptions about a person based on what group they seem to belong to.”

by Deepa Fernandes and Ashley Locke at

older woman sitting

3 Things Interviewers Always Say
— and What They Actually Mean

You’re not the only person who’s trying to read
between all the lines

by Richard Moy at

Two women meeting

How to Get a Job Reference When a Company Refuses

“According to a recent SHRM survey, 87% of employers do reference checks.”


Two women at desk

Circle of Jobs
Circle of jobs may be just as critical
as the circle of life

➔    Circle of life is one of those phrases that has been abused and overused. The concept of using a circle in your job search is a compelling one to be sure. We like Harry Chapin’s take on the circle and all that goes with it.

Reviewing Paperworks

Microsoft, which owns LinkedIn, says hackers have been posing as online recruiters in an attempt to lure software engineers and IT workers into malware attacks.
                                          – HR Brew

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