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Why Age 50+ Is The Best Time To Found A Company

by Sheila Callaham at

When you have a business idea that feels spot-on and shows the potential to scale, age shouldn’t matter. After all, there are examples of successful founders across the age spectrum. That said, more years of experience can provide advantages. And who has more experience? Those who’ve spent decades in their industry, honing decision-making and execution skills.

    So, if you think you are too old to found a successful company, keep reading.

How to Bypass the Secret Resume-Reading Software

by Marc Cenedella at

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You might know that your resume doesn’t go straight to the hiring manager’s desk after you apply.

    First, it goes through the company’s ATS (applicant tracking system) and, importantly, a “resume parser.” A resume parser is the software that turns your resume into a neat pile of words that a company’s computers can read, understand, sort, search, and, unfortunately, mangle if you’re not careful.

Work Isn’t a Four-letter Word for Older Americans

by Kerry Hannon at

Work is the aging issue. And work isn’t a profane four-letter word.

    It’s a four-letter word that should have a good connotation. And work is a reality. Even for those who have saved adequately for retirement, and most Americans haven’t, work is a financial safety net.  

    Vast unemployment has crushed American workers, and those who are over 55, face additional obstacles to landing a new job. That, too, is real.

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7 Questions You Should Definitely Ask

When Interviewing for a Remote Job

by Julie Anne Russell at

If you’re interviewing for a remote job, digging into the culture of the company where you’re hoping to work should be a top priority. And understanding the remote work culture specifically is even more crucial. Why? As experts point out, remote work can provide you many things — such as freedom from a commute and the environment of your own choosing—but it’s also important to ensure that you’ll be able to work well with your teammates and manager, flourish in your role, and have the chance to advance your career.

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Coronavirus Affecting Your Job Search?

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Guest blog from:

J.T. O’Donnell

at Work It Daily    

Can you join me in making this vow for the rest of your job search in 2020? 

Say it with me: as I look for a new job, I will NOT:

    • Pay someone HUNDREDS of dollars to write a resume that doesn’t work 

    • Ignore my LinkedIn profile 

    • Write generic cover letters that simply rehash my resume & don’t make an impact

    • Shy away from networking — it’s all about who you know! 

    • “Wing it” in my job interviews 

    While these things are tempting to do, they hold you back in so many ways when looking for work. 

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