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Today is:   Friday, January 13, 2023   |   Next niftynews: Monday, January 16, 2023

I Have Skills and Experience, but Can’t Get a Job

“Despite receiving positive feedback,
I have not had a single job offer.”


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Awaken Dormant Ties by Reconnecting to Revive Your Job Search

There is so much value in reaching out to people with whom you used to be connected and rebuilding those relationships

by Marc Miller at

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How To Effectively Announce Your Layoff On LinkedIn

The number of “#opentowork” posts on LinkedIn increased more than 20% during November

by Jack Kelly at

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What’s Luck Got to Do with It?
In the end, nothing beats the old tried and true

➔    It’s Friday the 13th and all the triskaidekaphobics are avoiding black cats, throwing salt over their shoulders, not walking under ladders and skipping (or purposely stepping on – depending on your predilection) the cracks in the sidewalk.

    If you’re a 50+ job seeker, you might as well just stay home today.  The gods and the forces are against you.  No one like you could be lucky enough to land a job on Friday the 13th. That’s because you need luck to land a job, right? 

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Soft skills are far from soft—they’re also far from simple to assess. Because the standard interview process doesn’t always identify and evaluate candidates’ soft skills, HR pros have had to consider other options. 

                                                           —   HR Brew

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