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Employment and Wages Rise for Older Workers

Research shows that women over 55 did better at finding jobs than men their age

by Patrick J. Kiger at

As the nation's economy gradually recovers from the pandemic downturn, employment of older workers was 4.4 percent higher in June than a year previously, and their wages increased, though not as much as most younger workers'. Older workers who switched jobs did better than those who stuck to their positions.
   A new report from the payroll processing and benefits management firm ADP found that the year-to-year jobs increase for older workers was exceeded only by the 13.5 percent jump in hiring for those 24 and younger.

The Hypocrisy Of Hiring Managers

by Kerry Hannon at

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Here's the latest discouraging news for older job applicants: Hiring managers around the world have serious concerns about the abilities of people 45+ to learn new technologies and skills and to work with other generations, even though when they hire them, 87% of those employees perform as well, or better, than colleagues a decade younger…
   (Hiring managers) make it very hard for members of under-represented communities even to get hired. Those age 45+ applicants surveyed who self-identify as belonging to an under-represented community needed to participate in 53% more interviews, on average, before they got a job offer.

This Is What You Need to Know

About Age Discrimination in the Workplace

by Morris Panner at

Named chief medical advisor to President Joe Biden this year and going as far back as the AIDS epidemic during Reagan’s tenure, Dr. Fauci brings decades of experience on infectious diseases. He turned 80 in December…
   He and many others offer examples of how older workers can make dramatic contributions to the nation, organizations or business initiatives. However, older workers also can be defined — often negatively — by stereotypes associated with age. Too often, valuable knowledge and experience are marginalized because of preconceived societal notions.


Are You Feeling Lucky?

Lucky you. It’s Friday the 13th.

The question of the day is what part does “luck” play in your job search (regardless of your age.) The answer, of course, is that sometimes it is a factor.
   Being in the right place at the right time is something that many will ascribe to “luck.” Walking in the door of a company when someone else is walking out (metaphorically speaking.) That could be considered luck.   MORE 

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