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9 Job Search Mistakes to Avoid
if You’re Over 50

There are savvy ways that Generation X and Baby Boomers looking for work can circumvent ageism


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The Skills Gap Is So Big That Nearly Half of Workers Will Need to Retrain This Decade

These 10 skills are most in demand

by Jane Thier at

man on shop floor

3 Tips To Recover After Not Getting The Job

Even if you didn't get the job, you can still come out on top

by Ariella Coombs and Jenna Arcand at

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What’s in a Number?
Most businesses live and die by numbers
in one sense or another

➔    When you’re looking for a job, numbers are very important.  How many companies have you contacted?  How many interviews have you had?  How long have you been out of work?  How much (or little) salary are you willing to accept?  How many pages should your resume be? Numbers.  Numbers.  Numbers.


The “great resignation” and “quietly quitting” create an opportunity to cleanse the workforce by forcing management to examine what jobs are really required for the future, instead of merely “replacing bodies” needed in the past lost through attrition.

                                                    —   Alan Weiss

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