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Job Search Advantage of Being Over 50

by Susan P. Joyce at

Because of your age and experience, you have many more options and a much better network of colleagues than younger workers.

    Many jobs are never posted publicly.  So, your large network is a very big advantage! 

    The network of people who know and respect you, a network built up over the years, will help you succeed in your job search.

    Chances are people in your network are either also looking for work, or they are -- or know -- someone who is looking for good help.

Think ageism

is a U.S. problem?

Think again.

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Making a Noise

The International Journal

for Age Diversity

Don’t Want to Retire?

Maintain a Fulfilling Career into Your 80s and Beyond

by Matt Fuchs at

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Joan Virginia Allen of Ojai, Calif., practiced elder law before switching jobs at age 60 — and deciding to try to work another 60 years. “I wanted to challenge what society says about getting old,” she said. Now, at 82, she’s a fully booked life coach. She’s also part of a trend. People age 75 and over, including our fresh-on-the-job president, are the fastest-growing group in the labor force, even though “age discrimination is very real,” said Susan Weinstock, vice president of financial resilience at AARP.

Companies Are Boosting Wages

to Bring Workers Back in COVID-19 Recovery

by Brian Cheung at

At the end of 2020, Lorin Cleveland, 23, decided to leave her job at a Trader Joe’s supermarket in Hyde Park in Chicago, where she was making the city’s minimum wage of $14 with an extra $2 in hazard pay.

    Trader Joe’s offered Cleveland $18 an hour to come back. But she had found a child care job that paid even more than that on fewer hours of work — and declined the counteroffer…

    Other workers like Cleveland are finding a surprising silver lining in the COVID-19 recovery: higher wages

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Coronavirus Affecting Your Job Search?

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A Possible Link to Your Next Job

Contemporary jobs are found using contemporary tools

If you’re not actively using LinkedIn as part of your job search, here are several million reasons as to why you should.

    First, there are more than 450 million LinkedIn users globally – of those, 130 million are in the U.S.   That’s more than one out of every three people – total – in the country.  What’s more, 40 percent of them check their accounts daily. MORE


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Unemployment Data

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Unemployment Rate Age 55+

Total Number of Unemployed

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