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It’s Time to Hire the Long-Termed Unemployed

by Evil HR Lady at

Long term unemployment is devastating. The trauma of a difficult job search can last throughout your career. Recruiters need to focus on what the candidate can control- the skillset, not the gap.

— Adam Karpiak

(@Adam_Karpiak) February 3, 2021

    If you’re hiring, it’s time to look at some of those people who have been unemployed for six months or more. (Some people have been unemployed for a much longer time!) Companies often prefer to hire people who are already employed, but if you want to do what is best for your community and your company, it’s time to look at the long-term unemployed.

Growing Older Is Not Awful; Ageism Is

Older people are creative beings with priceless life experience

by Pat Samples at

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You are old… You are out of date. You are expendable…

    These common messages about being old are insidious and pervasive in our culture. They are as discriminatory and damaging as racism and sexism. They devalue and set off to the side a huge segment of us who have reached a certain age. Based on what? The number of years we have lived. Seriously?

    Unfortunately, ageism is a serious impediment for healthy and satisfying living among older people, and it is treated lightly.

Resume Keywords And The Applicant Tracking System: What You Need To Know

by Robin Ryan at

I reviewed an Engineer’s resume today, and it reminded me how little most job hunters understand the Applicant Tracking System or ATS, that employers use. 99% of the Fortune 500 companies use an Applicant Tracking System to accept a job candidate’s resume when you apply for a position online. CNBC reported that over 75% of resumes never get seen by human eyes. 75%! So getting through the employer’s ATS is your first obstacle to overcome. 

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Random Thoughts

Recruiters chime in on today’s job market

There’s a lot going on in today’s job market. Remote work. Online ATS applications. Covid considerations. The list goes on.

    One group of professionals who you can bet have their fingers on the pulse of the job market – because that’s their business – is recruiters. Here are a few insights into today’s job market from some recruiters with whom we’ve spoken lately.  MORE

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