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The Secret to Getting a Better Job After 50

Here are strategies professionals say helped them in the fourth decade of their work lives

by Ray A. Smith at

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Ride up on the Escalator

by Phil Stella at Effective Training & Communication

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A Clever Idea Is Only the First Step in a Second Career

by Kerry Mellin at

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What’s Your Objective?
At the end of the day
your objective is to get a job

➔    With all the changes taking place in the 21st Century job search world, there are a lot job search techniques and practices that are coming under the microscope as well. Among those is the debate as to whether or not you should include an objective on your resume.

Mature Businessman

No experience necessary

     UPI reports that Casper, a mattress firm founded in 2014, stated that it is hiring professional sleepers who are willing to snooze in its stores.