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The 3 Types of Workplace Ageism
(And Phrases You’ll Hear If You Experience It)

Ageism has long been believed to be a driver of layoffs and other unfair workplace practices

from Fairygodboss at

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Expert Tips to Beat Ageism on Your Resume 

Age may not always work to your advantage
when searching for a job

by Valerie Martinelli at

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What You Need To Do To Successfully Bounce Back From A Layoff

Here is what you need to do if you are laid off from your company

by Jack Kelly at

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I Give!
Make the holiday season work to your job-search advantage

➔    When looking for a new position, among the challenges faced by the unemployed is the lack of current (and/or recent) work.  Yes, we realize that this may sound oxymoronic, but there is a stigma affixed to someone who is not presently working as opposed to a candidate who still has a position.

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Your Job Search, Filtered

A new Glassdoor feature allows job searches not just by location or title, but filtered by demographic ratings or interest areas like work-life balance—increasingly important issues for people looking for jobs.

                                                             —   Forbes

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