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Certified Age Friendly Employers Value Maturity

by Janine Vanderburg at

The time is ripe for creating more age-friendly workplaces that embrace the experience, judgment and motivation that older workers develop over years of successfully serving customers and clients. Big trends — like people living longer lives and the ongoing decline in birth rates — are combining with today's unique labor force challenges to make this the perfect time to harness the productivity of older workers and the creativity of intergenerational work teams.
Employers that understand and value the contributions of older workers (age 50-plus), as well as the creativity and dynamism generated by multiple generations in the workplace, will be at a competitive advantage.

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Her Music Career Stalled out in Her 40s.

A Younger Mentor Helped Bring it Back.

As the pandemic forces a moment for professional reinvention,

many people are discovering mentors aren’t just for newcomers in the workforce. Working with a mentor is a chance to reboot and pick up new skills.

by Jennifer Miller at

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Into her 40s, after over a decade establishing herself as an electronic music producer and DJ, Paula Burrows sensed an unwelcome career shift. “You stop getting certain kinds of bookings,” said Burrows, who goes by the name Cozmic Cat. “You’re expected to maybe DJ weddings and bar mitzvahs, but not anything cool.” This ageism was compounded by Burrows’s identity as a queer, black woman. “I have to work harder than a white dude,” she said. “I have to work harder than a white, 22-year-old woman.”
   Burrows had come up in a culture where DJs focused more on making authentic music — and on the hustle — than on a strategic approach to business development. But to combat so many systemic obstacles, that’s exactly what she needed.

A Massive Elder Corps Is Just Waiting to Be Helpful

by Ken Dychtwald at

For millions of years, large tectonic plates slowly moved and ground against each other far below the sea that we now call the Pacific Ocean. As these forces converged, masses of land rose up and ultimately surfaced as beautiful Polynesia. So it is with longevity…
   Globally, more than a billion people are now over 60 and, incredibly, that number will double by 2050. What should this new cohort of modern elders be doing with their third age? What roles might they play in their families, communities and society at large with their extra years?


Companies Begin to See Value in Older Workers

They’re putting a contract out on you 

Believe it or not, but it just may be a good time to be an older worker. Think about it. If this was 30 or 40 years ago and you were 50+ years old, your chances of landing meaningful work were pretty slim.
   Today’s economy may be an asset. Companies on every street corner seem to be hiring.   MORE 

Senior Female Teacher

Think ageism

is a U.S. problem?

Think again.

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Making a Noise

The International Journal

for Age Diversity

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