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Is It Time to Retire Outdated Notions of Older Workers?

The desire of people 65 and older to continue
their careers continues to grow

by Ellen Crane at

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Five Little Known Facts
About Employment Age Discrimination

Older people in the job market
are having a harder time of it

by Joyce Hanson at

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These job search sites help match applicants with employers – many of these sites feature employers who are seeking more mature workers.   Get FREE!

A 63-Year-Old Peak Boomer Said She 'Can't Even Think About Retiring' 

Despite having a master's degree and working two jobs

by Noah Sheidlower at

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Are You a Raw Recruit?
Like all good fights,
it helps to have someone in your corner

➔    Most any job advice column will go on about the importance of “relationships” in your job search. LinkedIn – one of the more significant changes in the job-search world in recent times – was founded on the idea of “building relationships.”

       When most job seekers talk about building relationships in their job searches, they’re talking about colleagues, former co-workers, people met through various forms of networking, etc. And they’re right.

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A Wall Street Journal report found that Salt Lake City was the hottest job market in 2023, with San Francisco ranking 29th and New York City coming in at 47 out of the 55 cities ranked.

                                                           — Forbes

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