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How To Get A Good Job After 50:
The Complete Guide

Win over your future employer
with your relevant, valuable experience

by Hannah Morgan at

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Stop Discriminating Against Me, You Hateful Ageists

Does anyone out there really think that yesterday I was just fine but today I’m an old lady incapable of new ideas?

by Suzanne Lucas at

older woman in office

How to Transition Out of a Sales Career 

…and When to Know It’s Time

by Kiara Taylor at

man searching on smartphone

Are You a Weak Candidate?
If you’re normal, you have weaknesses.  We all do. We’re only human.

➔    Have you ever met someone who has no weaknesses? Of course not. Even when you’re 20 years old and you’re completely smitten with the love of your life. Even then… Why, some of us even have professional, or job-related weaknesses. 

Business Meeting
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