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A recruiter's LinkedIn post sparked criticism
as people thought she had decided not to hire them
due to their clothes

by Sirena Bergman at

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Here’s What You Need To Do
When You’ve Lost Your Job

There are plenty of good, well-paying jobs available…
Now, the situation for many people has dramatically changed

by Jack Kelly at

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9 Obvious Mistakes Mature Workers are Making with Their Resumes
This is particularly pertinent to those above the age of 50 who haven’t had to look for work in 20 years


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Do You Have Any ID?
Your footprint may be big, but is it complete?

➔    You’ve probably heard many examples of how some job applicant’s past has reared its ugly head to make life a living hell… not to mention putting a crimp in someone’s lifestyle… and job prospects.

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For all the notable trials and tests of a shorter workweek, finding a job that actually implements one is extremely rare. In January, there were just 1,700 jobs advertising a four-day workweek in the U.S. for every 1 million posted. 

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