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How Older Adults Can Find Meaningful Work

There are many factors that may affect you…
so that means the process will be quite different

by Marc Miller at

were hiring

Why it's Taking You Longer To Get Hired

The U.S. Department of Labor has reported that
the time to find a job is up 36% since last April

by J.T. O'Donnell at

older man on street

How Getting Laid Off Can Lead To A Fulfilling Career

While it’s really scary to be let go from your job, there is a silver lining

by Tess Brigham at

older man with tablet

Do We Have a Proposition for You
Just what value do you bring to the table

➔    Companies spend considerable amounts of time, money, effort and brain power developing things like mission and vision statements, positioning statements and core competencies as well as something called their “value propositions.”

Senior Businesswoman

Over 200,000 tech employees have been laid off since the start of last year. 
                             — The Washington Post

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