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Is it True That Older People Are less Likely to Change Careers?

“You are less likely to change careers the older you are.”

by Aksel Breivik at

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Older Entrepreneurs Outperform Younger Founders — Shattering Ageism

“If you’ve ever harbored the thought of… starting your own venture, the good news is that your chances for entrepreneurial success get higher with each passing year.”

by Kumar Mehta at

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I Talked to the Boss Who Fired Me 16 Years Later. Here’s What I Realized.

“This decision would prove to be a fatal mistake.”

by Christina Wyman at the

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It’s Never Been Easier to Look for a Job
Unfortunately, that coin has two sides

➔    Maybe Charles Dickens said it best when he opened A Tale of Two Cities with, “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.” He could have been talking about looking for a job in 2022.


“Humans are the fossil fuel of the growth engine, and there simply aren’t enough humans out there for the amount of jobs… We still see 54% of our members say that their inability to hire is impacting their ability to operate at full capacity.”
                            — Joe Galvin,
    Chief Research Officer, Vistage