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Generational Divide Hits Retail Tech

by Jake Perez at

Self-checkout has been embraced by all age groups, but baby boomers trail younger generations when it comes to emerging retail tech, including QR codes, augmented reality and biometric pay. According to a recent Morning Brew-Harris Poll survey, even though retailers have scrambled to innovate during the pandemic, a majority of all respondents, 57%, say they actually want less tech or for it to stay the same.


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4 Tips to Get Hired in The New Normal World of Work

Job hunting advice and trends from an virtual conference

by Nancy Collamer at

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With the job market heating up — a historically high 9.3 million job openings in the U.S. in April — what should you know about getting hired if you're looking for work? Will virtual interviews continue? Is remote work here to stay? Are diversity and inclusion efforts just a fleeting fad? I have answers.
   My information and advice come from what I heard at the recent Indeed Interactive conference, a virtual event from the employment website that featured economists, employers and recruiters discussing hiring trends.
   Here are four of the key trends.

The Job Market Is Heating Up —

And So Are Angry Complaints From Job Seekers

by Jack Kelly at

The job market has heated up and so have the complaints from job seekers. Emblematic of the frustrations faced by candidates, software developer Mike Conley, who sought a leadership role, posted his travails on LinkedIn. Conley pulled out of the running after feeling he was given the runaround by being required to sit for around 11 interviews. 
   The comments have central themes. They include outrage over being pressured to undergo three to 10 interviews over six months or more. Some are asked to take tests, do projects or sit for invasive psychometric exams. There’s a lack of feedback and long periods of an absence of communication. No appreciation is extended to applicants for their time. Rude and dismissive treatment is commonplace. After all of the meetings, they complain of getting ghosted. 


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Coronavirus Affecting Your Job Search?

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Same Old, Same Old

Instead of focusing on the change, don’t lose track of the same

A lot has been said and written (some of it here) about how things have changed – and changed radically – in the job-search marketplace. LinkedIn. Video interviews. Jobs boards. Digital resumes. If you’ve been searching for any reasonable amount of time, you know the drill.
   Not only do you have to know the drill, in many cases you have to embrace it as well. LinkedIn proficiency; knowing your way around an ATS (automated tracking system); mastering the video interview – all that and more are the tools of the trade for today’s job seeker.   MORE 

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