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Why Elders Still Matter: 

How They Can Improve Your Company

by Marc Emmer at

Recent discussions surrounding inclusion in the workplace often focus primarily on race and gender. Ageism should also be part of the conversation.

    Ageism is alive and well in America. I have many boomer friends who work for Fortune 1000 companies and feel they are being cast aside like expired cartons of milk. Many companies are replacing aging employees with younger workers that they perceive to be cheaper and more productive.

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Personal Branding on LinkedIn: 

14 Strategies That Will Help

by Wendy Marx at

Think ageism

is a U.S. problem?

Think again.

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Making a Noise

The International Journal

for Age Diversity


The world can be a scary place — especially when it comes to getting hired after age 50. It can even feel like you’re swimming against the current at times. But doing your personal branding on LinkedIn can be like using a motorboat to push through that current.

    Granted, when you’re starting out on this network, it can be a little overwhelming.

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“I'm Not Done Yet!” 

— An Expert's Work Tips for Women Over 50

by Kerry Hannon at

Boomer women are "on pause" and thinking about quitting, according to a recent LinkedIn survey of 1,000 female professionals. Almost half (49%) of working women between 57 and 74 say their career is on pause (more so than Gen Z, Millennials and Gen X).

    And the boomer women's conviction about their value to their team or employer is waning — 88% felt confident before the pandemic, 70% do now. Understandably (speaking as a woman in this age cohort), they're worried they wouldn't find another job if they were out of work.

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Don’t Believe It

Predictions are like the nose on your face – Everyone has one

With the implementation of the various vaccine programs, it appears that our lifestyles – and the economy – may begin to start loosening up in the not too distant future.

    Along with that budding optimism has come an avalanche of predictions as to what the post-pandemic workplace will look like. The good news is that out of the hundreds of prognostications being floated, one of them will be right.  MORE

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