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Companies Renew Efforts to Retain, Hire Older Workers
Improved health and safety, better wages, mentorships, and flexible schedules
attract those who left during the pandemic

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by Paul Bergeron at

For many, the oft-lamented worker shortage, which some say is shorthand for the complicated reality of the pandemic-era labor force, has led to a renewed focus on workers older than age 55…

    (Charlotte Flores, vice president of HR at BH Cos.) said 35 percent of the rehires since 2020 are people over the age of 40 and 20 percent are over the age of 50. About one-quarter of the company's overall workforce is over 50 years old.   MORE

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Eliminating Bias from Automated Recruiting Is Easier Said than Done
Although vendors of automated hiring software say their services eliminate bias from the recruiting process, verifying their claims can be complicated

by Susanna Vogel at

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