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50+ Women Are The New Entrepreneurial Superpower

by Bianca Barratt at

Until recently, it was rare indeed to see career women over the age of 50 celebrated in the media… the concept of midlife women achieving significant career success - particularly after the age of 50 - hasn’t been given much airtime. 
   The explanation for this is fairly simple. As has been often reported, women reaching middle age not only have to fight against sexism but ageism, too.

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How To Make a Career Change After 50

by Andrew Lisa at

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The COVID-19 pandemic reshaped the idea of employment in the United States and left many of the survivors — particularly the older ones — rethinking what’s important, what they value and what, exactly, they want to do with their precious and fleeting time left on Earth. 
   For many, the answer required just two words: career change. 

Age Discrimination Worries?

Resume Changes You Should Make

by Robin Ryan at

“I’m over 60 and I worry that I’m not landing a job because of my age,” said Ann, a Senior HR Director… Ann isn’t the only one scared about her age being a hiring problem. When I talk to people over 55, it is common for age discrimination to be at the forefront of their minds. And if they work in tech, then that age drops down to 40. Age discrimination is vastly under-reported…
   I reviewed Ann’s current resume and saw several reasons that it was not working to get recruiters or employers to call. We worked together on a new resume and LinkedIn profile, and she started getting calls for interviews. Here are some changes I made that might help you “age proof” your own resume.

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Maybe Dorothy Was Right

Today’s job seeker may be able to do it all right from the comfort of…

There is so much that is new in the job search world – regardless of your age. One new convention may be a positive or negative for the older job seeker. Ironically it’s something that happens after you’ve been hired, but it does impact your job search.
   The Covid calamity has accelerated a movement that had been building for several years. It’s the concept of working from home. Since Covid, WFH has taken on a life of its own.   MORE 

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More help for the 50+ job seeker:

Think ageism

is a U.S. problem?

Think again.

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Making a Noise

The International Journal

for Age Diversity

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