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Over 60s Share Some of the Ageist Stereotypes They Secretly Love to ’Embrace’

Taking ageist stereotypes and flipping them on their head

by Matthew Hart at

older woman with glasses smiling_reversed

Secure Your Executive Career with An Effective Career Plan

Do you only envision your next step
rather than the rest of your professional lives?


older man working at home

15 Questions To Ask Before Making A Career Change

To help organize your thoughts and feelings
on changing careers, ask yourself the following 15 questions

by Chrissy Scivicque and Jenna Arcand at

Older woman reviewing file

What Are You Really Looking For?
A seasoned interviewer will recognize – and act upon – the difference

➔    There are so many cliches surrounding job seeking that one could most likely write an entire book examining them all. If you spoke with a hundred different people you would probably find that each one has a personal favorite.

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