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by Ray A. Smith at

Even in a hot hiring market, it is tough for workers over 50 to stay competitive in workplaces that often value youth over experience.

    The pandemic has been especially hard on older employees seeking to reclaim jobs lost in the early days of lockdowns. Many say they fear that the workplace upheaval brought on by Covid-19 has reinforced some bosses’ belief that professionals in their 50s and beyond are less inclined to return to offices or adapt to new ways of working.

    Workers over 50 haven’t joined the jobs recovery to the same degree as younger peers. MORE

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The Ace is Always High
Is getting a new job in the cards for you?

➔    If you’re over 50 and looking for a job, it’s no laughing matter and you know that you’re not playing a game. A job search is serious business and the job seeker typically finds little, if anything, to laugh at.

    Likewise, if you’ve ever played in a high-stakes card game, you know the feeling. So when we compare job seeking to playing cards, we’re not joking.  MORE 


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