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People Over 50 Can Still Find Jobs, But They May Have to Change

Change may have to be in expectations, skill sets or maybe just the way they look for employment

by Daniel Neman at

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5 Ways To Bounce Back After Getting Laid Off

Trying to figure out how to bounce back after a layoff can feel like an uphill battle

by Adunola Adeshola at

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Getting Back Into Corporate
After a Failed Business

Closing your business doesn’t make you
a professional failure


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Linking to Your Next Position
A chain is only as strong as…

➔    You’ve probably heard people go on ad nauseam about how important LinkedIn has become to today’s job seeker. Well, they’re right. It is important. And here are some tips to help you make your LinkedIn profile work for you. Before you start, keep in mind that your LinkedIn profile is not the mirror image of your resume. Your resume is still very important, but it serves a different purpose.


“Employers are hovering with their feet above the brake. They’re more cautious. They’re more precise in their hiring… but they’ve not stopped hiring.”

              — Jonas Prising, CEO of ManpowerGroup
                  from The Wall Street Journal 

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