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8 Ways How Not to Look Old on the Job Hunt
Focus on your most recent experience

by Jacey Eckhart at

Older job seekers have much in common with military veterans who are seeking employment. Often the remedies are the same. This article makes that clear.   Read the complete article

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The Struggle of Re-Entering the Workforce
“(The) challenges workers face when re-entering the workforce after periods of unemployment.”

by Matt Gonzales at

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“…the assigned characteristics are trivial, misleading and often lead to bigotry.”

by Sheila Callaham at

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Danger Will Robinson
Don’t allow your job search to become “Lost in Space”

➔    There are a lot of things in modern culture that have – intentionally or not – profound meanings. “Danger Will Robinson” dates back to the 1960s television series “Lost in Space.” It was an alert to the youngest cast member.

    Right now you’re probably asking yourself, “What in the world does this have to do with my job search?” Allow us to connect the dots.

Danger Will Robinson

Age Diversity Day —

Thursday, June 9, 2022

    As custodian of Champion Age Diversity Day, The Age Diversity Forum is delighted to invite you to a very special live event on June 9th, hosted by Age Diversity Champions, Hansuke.

    We are celebrating Age Diversity in the workforce on June 9th with a live international event featuring a keynote address and a panel discussion with inclusion speakers from international industry and academia.   MORE INFORMATION

Digital Confidence Workshop

for 50+ on June 9 & 10

NEW Solutions will be hosting another Digital Confidence Workshop on June 9 & 10.  This is a free, two-day virtual workshop focusing on digital computer skills and is open to adults 50+ throughout the country! This will be a repeat of our fantastic event back on April 7 & 8.




The latest unemployment news for May from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics: 

Good Jobs News for Older Workers 
50-54 Age Group Continues Impressive Gains

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