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Older Job Seekers: How to clean up your résumé and ace the interview

Smart Advice for Boosting Your Chances of Getting a Job

by Kerry Hannon at

Job hunting these days is not for the meek, especially for those in their 50s or 60s. It’s challenging both in terms of time and emotional energy. But Steve Dalton, author of the new book “The Job Closer: Time-Saving Techniques for Acing Resumes, Negotiations, and More,” has some smart advice, which he shared with me.
   Dalton typically offers job hunting advice to students as program director for daytime career services at Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business. But although some of the tips in his book and in our interview apply to job seekers of all ages, others are specifically for older job hunters.

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The most fundamental skill: 

Intentional Learning and the Career Advantage

by Lisa Christensen, Jake Gittleson, and Matt Smith at

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Learning itself is a skill. Unlocking the mindsets and skills to develop it can boost personal and professional lives and deliver a competitive edge.
   The call for individuals and organizations alike to invest in learning and development has never been more insistent. The World Economic Forum recently declared a reskilling emergency as the world faces more than one billion jobs transformed by technology. 

Told To Do Around 10 Interviews,

A Job Seeker Pulls Out Of The Running

And Shares His Frustration In A Viral LinkedIn Post

by Jack Kelly at

Mike Conley is a software engineering leader with the #opentowork banner on his LinkedIn profile. He’s currently in between roles. Conley has over 25 years of “progressive experience in software engineering, solution architecture, enterprise architecture and management.”
   He has also “established a strong track record…” has a solid LinkedIn profile, clearly references all of his impressive skills and has a stable work history with long stays at the companies he’s worked for.


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The Bureau of Labor Statistics will release its monthly unemployment data today. Typically, this report garners a lot of media attention. There is a gaggle of reporters who salivate over this month’s unemployment rate…
   There is very little attention, however, paid to another gauge to measure the nation’s employment situation.  It’s called the Labor Force Participation Rate..    MORE 

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More help for the 50+ job seeker:

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Unemployment Data

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National Unemployment Rate

Unemployment Rate Age 50-54

Unemployment Rate Age 55+

Total Number of Unemployed

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2.5 million

Labor Participation Rate


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