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How to Write a Resume
That Shows Your Real Value to Employers

It takes time and effort… and, sometimes,
a lot of eyeballs for feedback

by AnnaMarie Houlis at

older man at work

I Have a Hunch I'm Not Finding Work Due to Ageism. How Do I Prove it?

An expert shares how workers can prove
they were discriminated against in hiring decisions

by Rebecca Knight at

older man with screen too old close up

At A Career Crossroads?
3 Exercises To Get You Unstuck

There are also multiple factors at play and ways to decide

by Caroline Ceniza-Levine at

woman leaning on railing

When Time is More than Money
There are many benefits to using your job-search time wisely

➔    Job seeking can be an extremely intense prospect. There are resumes and cover letters to polish and to customize… and distribute. There are companies to research. There are networking events, interviews and meetings. It’s all very intense.

Mature Businesswoman
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