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older job seeker


Believe it or not, plenty of jobs for older people are available. And yes, you can work after retirement—for all kinds of good reasons. For example, maybe you want to earn extra money, help others, meet new people, or explore a career you've always dreamed about but never had the chance to really try out before. Or maybe you've heard that, as you grow older, having a job can provide a surprising number of benefits for your physical and mental health.   MORE

Nifty TIP of the DAY

What are you Afraid of?
The only thing we have to fear is…

➔    Looking for a job past the age of 50 can be a scary proposition. But it doesn’t have to be. But it will if – and only if – you let it.

    But, really, what is there to be afraid of? Are you afraid that you’ll never find another job? That’s not likely if you’re diligent at all you’ll find something. It may not be your ideal, but you will find something.   MORE

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