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Employment Barriers and Facilitators

for Older Workers and Older Job Seekers


Access to employment in later-life is not only important for financial reasons for individuals, but also for reasons related to social inclusion and civic participation. Governments around the world have identified the continued labour force participation of older adults as a means to support the welfare state and social programs. While there is not a consistent agreed upon age at which a person is considered to be an older worker, in this study, we consider older workers as being aged 50 and older. 

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Age Discrimination Rises in Recessions

from The Week

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Age discrimination rises in recessions
    Older workers are getting culled in the job market's "massive, rolling shakeout," said Brett Arends at MarketWatch. New research has found that "age discrimination rises hand in hand with the unemployment rate," and that older workers are often the first fired and last to be rehired. (Scroll down to find “age discrimination” information. – ed)

Join Our “Young” Team? Hello, Age Discrimination

by Evil HR Lady at

“Our downtown Toronto office offers an open, collaborative, and relaxed environment where our young, positive, and hard-working team strive toward a common goal of empowering clients in their job search.”

    Now, it does not say that they will only hire young people. but it’s definitely sending out a message that if you’re old, don’t bother applying – you won’t be a good cultural fit.

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Virtual Job Fairs:

The Best Ways To Look For Work There

by Kerry Hannon at

Before the pandemic, people looking for work often went to mammoth job and career fairs in nearby convention centers. These days, like just about everything else, job fairs have gone virtual. Given today’s high unemployment rate and painful Covid-19 layoffs, they’re valuable for laid-off job seekers.

    Attending a virtual job fair is a relatively easy way to connect with recruiters, hiring managers and career experts. They’re being offered by an increasing number of job-board websites.

Coronavirus Affecting Your Job Search?

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The Old End Run

ATS is every job seeker’s worst nightmare. But it doesn’t have to be.

As if older job seekers didn’t have enough challenges to conquer in their 21st Century job searches, dealing with the Automated Tracking Systems (ATS) may be the cherry on the top.

    Think about it. Here is a system of job application that is specifically designed to weed out your resume so as to eliminate you as a candidate. The only good news is that the 2020 ATS doesn’t discriminate by age. It’s just as cut throat for Millennials as it is for Boomers.

    Some experts claim that when you apply online, you only have a two percent chance of landing an interview – much less a job. Compare that to roughly 40 percent of new hires are the result of referrals.

    That’s the job search world in which we all live. So, how do you buck the system? How can you do an “end run” around the ATS and score a referral?

    The best way to beat the system is to avoid it. When you see an suitable opening at a company find out as much as you can about the company and, more important, who works there. Do what you have to do to find a contact – assuming that you don’t already have one.

    You can search through the company’s employees who are on LinkedIn – something that you can do today, virus or no virus. You also can check with vendors, former employees and your existing network to uncover someone whom you may contact. A friend of a friend may be a foot in the door.

    If all else fails and you are forced to go through the ATS, be prepared by having an ATS-ready version of your resume. Since it’s a document that a machine will read first, keep it streamlined with a minimum of formatting. Also, make it keyword rich, loaded with words and terms lifted straight from the job description or posting.

    Last, but not least, be certain that your resume is phone-friendly. That is, it’s a document that can be read and makes sense when viewed on a phone. You can send a copy to your spouse or a friend to test it.

    No one ever said this was going to be easy.

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