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Out of Work, Here Are 5 Proven Strategies

for Navigating a Career Crisis

The key to change is to believe that change is possible

By Nancy Collamer at

How do you stay hopeful about your career during times like these?

    It’s a tall order. Unemployment is near record highs. Hiring is sluggish. And the triple whammy of continued economic volatility, civil unrest and COVID-19 has us all on edge. It’s no wonder that 72% of Americans say this is the lowest point in our country’s history that they can remember, according to the American Psychological Association.

    Yet whether you’re out of work, overworked or stuck in a dead-end job, the key to change is to believe that change is possible.

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The view from the other side of the desk

3 Ways You Can Extend the Work Lifecycle

of Older Employees

by Tim Sackett at

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One of the biggest biases we have as leaders is ageism. If you’re 35 years old and running a department and you are looking to fill a position on your team that will be your righthand person, the last thing you’re looking for is a 55-year-old to fill that spot! That’s just me being real for a second…

    That’s mainly because at 35 you’re still basically stupid.

80% of Older Adults Have Faced Ageism

Most older adults say they’ve experienced ageism,

but a majority still hold positive attitudes toward aging

by Kara Gavin, University of Michigan

An offhand remark by an acquaintance about using a smartphone. A joke about someone losing their memory or hearing. An ad in a magazine focused on erasing wrinkles or gray hair. An inner worry that getting older means growing lonely.

    All of these kinds of everyday ageism, and many more, are common in the lives of Americans over 50.

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Job Seekers: Be Careful Using

LinkedIn’s New “Open To Work” Feature

Robert Hellmann at

LinkedIn has released an “Open to Work” feature to help you let employers, recruiters and your network know you're looking for a job. You can share your open-to-work status by checking either "share with recruiters only" or "share with all LinkedIn members." To access, click the “Add New Profile Section” button to the right of your profile picture and then click “Looking for a new job” in the Intro section at the top.

    So should you use this new feature, and if so, which option should you pick?

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Coronavirus Affecting Your Job Search?

We've added some additional material that we hope can help.

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Temporary Relief

With so much uncertainty

in the job market, cautiousness prevails

The only certainty there is in today’s job market is uncertainty. No one, and we do mean no one, knows what the economy, the business world and the workforce will look like when life, as we know it, returns to normal. Whatever this new world looks like, it’s pretty certain that much of the pain may have to endured by the older workers.

    There are some telltale signs, however. It appears that – for some people, in some jobs, in some industries – work from home is here to stay. How wide and how deep that phenomenon will spread is anyone’s guess.

    One possible scenario that could develop will have many people working from home and some companies realizing that their respective staffs had become bloated and some pruning may be in order. Of course, that would place a much larger work burden on those who remain. If our scenario holds true, many companies will realize that more bodies are needed but they may be reluctant to add staff. All of which will lead those employers to turn to temporary staffing.

    And that’s where the older workers come in. As the pressure increases on the labor pool, older workers are the perfect fit for those employers in need of help. As temps, older workers are experienced and reliable, and they tend to have an exceptional work ethic.

    Older workers are a perfect fit temp agencies, and temps are perfect fits for many employers.

    The good news for the older worker is that many temp agencies pay comparatively well and many offer benefits. The other upsides for the older worker are: one, generally there is no long term commitment; two, it shows that you’re continuing to work while you maintain your job search; and three, having proven their worth, many times those temp assignments turn into regular, full time positions.

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