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I'm Too Old to Learn a New Career,

and Too Young to Retire

by Bryan Menegus at

I’m pushing 56 years old; been doing this work for my whole life. I’m at a point where it is essentially too late to retrain for a new career (who wants to hire someone who’s 58 with no real-world experience in a given field?) and too early to retire.

    I’m not looking forward to it.

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Despite Historic Unemployment,

Finding A Job Isn’t That Difficult – At Least Not Yet

by Gad Levanon at

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We are in the midst of the deepest recession in 80 years. The unemployment rate is historically high. That typically means many job seekers per job opening, making it hard to find employment but easy for employers to find qualified workers.

    The disconnect between the unemployment rate and the ease of finding a job or finding qualified workers is likely to significantly narrow in the coming months.

8 Steps to an Utterly Successful Career Change

by Jenny Foss at

More than a decade ago, I made a career pivot from corporate communications director to almost-all-commission recruiter. I took uncalculated risks and managed just about every aspect of the transition in a haphazard manner. Fortunately, I got lucky. It all worked out…

    If you’re considering a career pivot, I’m going to appeal to you to do things differently.

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This Is Exactly How to Update Your Resume

If You’ve Been Laid off During Covid-19

by Kyle Schnitzer at

Nearly 30 million jobs disappeared this spring as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic due to industry shutdowns during the devastating global virus. Early employment indications suggest jobs are coming back… more than four million jobs likely added (in June) as states relax on shutdown restrictions and reopen economies.

    For those furloughed or laid off during the pandemic, it’s been a grueling search to find work again. Some will have it more difficult than others… It’s time to consider refreshing a few elements in your job hunt to reflect what you’ve done during the no-work period.

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Coronavirus Affecting Your Job Search?

We've added some additional material that we hope can help.

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All the Time

in the World

How long are you willing to wait for your next position?

One of the greatest fears among job seekers in general, and this is especially true for job seekers over 50, is the real possibility that, because of age, they may never be able to land another job. Never finding an employer willing to hire them at their age is enough to keep them up at nights.

    When looking for a job at our age, it is a real concern. And now, factor in the Covid-19, the shakes and shivers can turn into hair loss and a cold sweat.

    But all is not gloom and doom. 

    According to job search website, “The amount of time it takes to find a job can vary based on experience, demand and luck.” They add that some people – in high demand areas – can find a new job in days, others may go for months without as much as an interview.

    In the main, states, “The average amount of time it takes to find a job is about nine weeks due to the process of sending out applications, scheduling interviews and waiting for a callback.”

    Of course, there is another fear haunting the 50+ job seeker. That’s the specter of being offered a job you don’t especially want, or getting a job offer at an insulting low pay. Realistically, it’s not likely that you’ll make as much money as you did before. But, you may be able to negotiate some non-salary compensation (i.e. flex time, more time off, etc.) as an offset.

    At the end of the day, do you take that job out of fear that you may not get another offer? Or, do you wait, thinking that something better is most assuredly out there?

    Unfortunately, as much as we hate to admit it, we have to be honest: There is no silver bullet answer. How long is too long? Is it better to wait for an ideal position? As a counselor friend admits, “Finding a job is an accident.” And he adds that job seekers who are successful create quality accidents.

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