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Experience Over Ambition: 
11 Things to Know About Hiring for a Senior Leadership Role


When you’re hiring for a senior leadership position, you’re most likely looking for a long-term addition to your team. A values-fit candidate is more likely to stick through the ups and downs of business because of their belief in your principles, work ethic, and motives. Your values provide a larger purpose for this person to connect with, and that will decrease turnover rates and conflicts.

Career Growth Tactics with J.T. O’Donnell

from Kaitlyn Manktelow at

7. How To Handle Ageism While Applying For Jobs?

    "Well here's a question for you: how do you deal with Ageism? I go To job interviews & during the interviews (yes, plural), I'll be told yes I have a job for you but I'm not going to hire you!"

8. How Many Years Of Experience Should My Resume Have?

    How far back should your resume go? 10 yrs? 15 yrs?

J.T. O'Donnell

Winning the Interview with a Younger Hiring Manager

by Biron Clark at

When you meet the hiring manager for the first time, you may discover he or she is much younger than you. Being interviewed by a younger hiring manager can be uncomfortable for older job seekers.

    But, if you have some tactics ready, interviewing with a younger hiring manager can be pleasant. And it does NOT need to cost you the job!

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This Spreadsheet Is Exactly What You Need
to Track Everything in Your Job Search

by James Mayr at

Ask anyone you know what the best part of their job is, and zero times out of 10 they’ll say, “Applying for it.”

    Take this all-too-common situation: Somewhere between your second interview at one company and your fourth email to another, you realize you never confirmed times for that one call, you applied for the same position twice, and you forgot to submit that mandatory writing sample on time.

    I know this because I’ve been there… I applied for 183 positions in one summer—and there’s no way I could’ve kept it all together without a way to organize and track my progress.

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Peel Back
the Onion
Don’t take initial feedback
(re: rejection) at face value

Isn’t it annoying when you see someone breezing through a networking event handing out business cards (or worse) like they were drink coupons? Typically those individuals are so shallow that they barely introduce themselves before they’re moving on to their next victim.

    Not only have they made a bad – strike that, make it a horrible first impression, but they haven’t taken the time to learn anything from the people with whom they’re interacting.

    When you talk to a recruiter – or even someone from the HR department at a potential employer – you don’t need to focus only on what may be available on that particular day. Speak to them with the idea that, even though you may not have something today, keep me in mind when something does arise.

    Remember, that HR person doesn’t know who might be resigning within the next week or so. That resignation could open up the ideal job for you.

    The same holds true for networking. The person with whom you’re speaking may not know of any suitable openings, but he may know someone else who does. And that’s the person with whom you want to be speaking and to whom you need an introduction.

    Similar to the person who knows someone else, a recruiter or HR person may not have anything for you today, but you always can ask for a referral to someone else who may be better positioned to help you in your job search.

    If you keep peeling back the layers on that onion, you never know what you may find underneath.

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