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Long-Term Trends in Employment by Age Group

by Jill Mislinski at

The Labor Force Participation Rate (LFPR) is a simple computation: You take the Civilian Labor Force (people age 16 and over employed or seeking employment) and divide it by the Civilian Noninstitutional Population (those 16 and over not in the military and or committed to an institution). The result is the participation rate expressed as a percent…

    The dotted lines representing ages 65 and over also illustrate some dramatic changes.   MORE DETAIL

10 Items You Are Wearing to Work

That Are Making You Look Older than You Are

by Ashley Jones at

Putting your best foot forward when it comes to what you wear to work can have a huge impact on your career. A 2018 research study by staffing firm OfficeTeam found that 80% of managers said that they believe that what you wear to work can impact your chances of getting a promotion.

    Another study in the Journal of Human Performance found that people who are more physically attractive are treated better at work. Looking older than you are (and possibly less attractive because of it) can distract potential employers and superiors from seeing the youthful exuberance behind your work ethic.

Four Tips to Network on LinkedIn

by Kiran Prasad at

Your professional network can help you find a job and unlock new opportunities, so it’s important to build and foster your professional relationships. We’ve seen an increase of 55% in conversations among connections on LinkedIn over the past year, and expect that to continue as people focus on reconnecting and engaging with people in their existing network. If your network is filled with people you know personally, it is real and usable, and every connection has the potential to impact your professional life positively, whether that’s a job recommendation, an introduction or career advice.

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Why This Is A Perfect Time To Make A Career Switch

by Dawn Graham at

Since the start of the year, millions of professionals have lost their jobs and competition for open roles has become extremely high, so how could this be the best time to consider a career switch?

    Well, in some ways, for those exact reasons.

Coronavirus Affecting Your Job Search?

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Guest Blog

Job Seekers and Companies on LinkedIn Can Now Instantly See If an Applicant Is a Match for a Role

When a job seeker sees your job post on LinkedIn, there’s one key piece of information they want to know: are they a fit? However, knowing how they match up to your role just by reviewing the description takes time and isn’t always easy. Our research shows that candidates are often not sure what are the absolute must-have qualifications in order to apply and sometimes this turns great prospects away from your jobs.

    This is the exact problem that LinkedIn’s new How You Match feature hopes to solve. A job seeker who views a job post on LinkedIn will see real-time analysis based on their LinkedIn profile, showing them which requirements they meet, and where there are gaps. Candidates who are a strong match to the requirements can move forward with confidence. If there are important gaps, candidates can easily update their profile to capture their relevant experience or skills, or continue looking for a better fit.

    Enabling candidates to self-select based on real-time analysis of their fit means that recruiters will see a stronger set of applicants. But even better, this same matching technology is also available in your LinkedIn job management page to make it easier for you to review candidates—without having to click and read through every profile and resume to find out more.

    Here’s how it works.

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