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Who Is To Blame For A Bad Job Search?


I think root cause identification is great, and healthy. But it isn’t always what you need to do.  Let me put it another way: I have problems.  I need to move forward.

    I can work on root cause identification. But if I spend too much time there, or wallow in that, I don’t leave enough time or space to move forward. Sometimes, I need to set my issues aside, set the blame aside, and do what I need to do.

Ageism – Alive and Well

by Petr Horcik at

As the population looks to elect a President over the age of 75, the exact opposite is happening in the workplace.  In 2018 the Equal Opportunity Commission, the nation’s workforce watchdog, issued a report stating that although Congress had outlawed “age discrimination” it still remains a significant and costly problem for workers.   MORE

Best Tech Tools for a Home-Based Retirement Business
Experts suggest these apps and services to launch and grow businesses

by Leslie Hunter-Gadsden at

Starting a home-based business in retirement means that you not only need to develop a business plan, but also consider how to handle accounting, payments, expenses, project management, customer service, file storage and sharing and marketing. Tech tools can help, especially ones especially well-suited for startups. Here’s a guide to ones you might consider.

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Perfecting Your LinkedIn Profile


For both job seekers and job fillers, LinkedIn has become an essential tool. On one single page, an employee can share everything they have to offer, and an employer can get a quick snapshot of their potential. But it’s not good enough simply to have a LinkedIn profile. Whether you’re actively looking for a new position or enjoying your current one, keeping your page up-to-date and complete deserves as much effort as the rest of your social media presence – perhaps even more.

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Custom You
You may have to tweak yourself for the job and the company

Anyone who has spent any time in a job search, or working with job seekers, knows that sometimes one has to modify a resume slightly to make themselves more suitable for a particular job. For example, the job seeker may have to place more of an emphasis on “industry experience” rather than functional prowess so as to stand out among other applicants.

    It’s no big secret. It happens all the time.

    However, there may come a time when selling yourself for a particular job may vary based on the type of company. The perspective of the employer may determine the candidate whom they find most appealing.

    Start-up companies may be looking for someone who is a bit more brash or who is more of a risk taker. Established companies on the other hand may tend toward applicants who are more grounded, more focused on the task at hand. Companies that are in a rebuild mode or which have just been acquired may gravitate toward certain types of candidates.

    Then again, the outlook of the employer will vary entirely depending on whether or not it is a for-profit or non-profit. It’s well known that non-profit organizations are much more interested in certain types of employees than others.

    This can be considered part of the employer’s culture and it helps the job seeker if you know for what kind of employer you most want to work for and where you would feel most comfortable.

    All of which goes to show that the successful job seeker is one who is nimble enough to adapt to the demands of a certain type of job and a certain type of employer.

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