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The Pandemic Paradox for Older Workers

How job losses and furloughs can lead to a downward economic spiral

by Richard Eisenberg at

Americans of all ages are feeling the devastating economic impacts of the coronavirus outbreak. But older workers in their 50s and 60s — especially women — have been among the hardest hit. Based on recent studies and views of retirement and aging experts, this much is clear: The whacks older workers have felt to their jobs and retirement savings may have long-lasting, painful financial implications for many of them…

    In (a) recent webinar I attended, about COVID-19 and an aging society, London Business School economics professor Andrew Scott noted that the combination of job losses and investment losses (the Dow is down 14% this year) will mean more older workers will need to work more years than they had planned, if they can.   MORE

Women Disproportionately Losing Their Jobs

During Coronavirus Downturn

Women over the age of 55 have been particularly hard hit.

by Emma Coleman at

The economic downturn brought on by the coronavirus pandemic is shaping up to be what some are calling a “she-cession.” That’s because, for the first time in history, women are more than half of the people filing for unemployment.

    In April, women made up 55% of the 20.5 million people saying they lost their jobs—and, in some places, it’s even worse. (In Alabama, for example, women filed 67% of unemployment claims one week.) For the first time since 1948, women’s unemployment has hit double digits.

Can Older Job Searchers Realistically Change Careers?

by Lydia D. Bowers at

Just for the record, I will be 60 in a few weeks and would like a career change. I can work, I want to work, I probably need to work—not just for the cash but also because I believe work gives structure to your life and keeps you mentally sharp. I don’t want to spend an over-long retirement in borderline poverty watching daytime TV with my brain turning to mush!

    Signed, MORE Than Ready to Work

    Find the answer here.

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Zoom Features Tutorial:

Answering Your Most Common Questions


The most common Zoom problems and how to fix them. Virtual Background and Green Screen settings. Account settings and enabling features. Based on your questions in YouTube comments.

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Coronavirus Affecting Your Job Search?

We've added some additional material that we hope can help.

A Nifty

New Addition

With the proliferation of webinars (and such), Nifty50s has begun compiling a list of online job search programs for you to review and register if you so desire. Check it out!

Pass it Along

If you attend networking events and go to jobs clubs, you’ve been meeting other job seekers just like you. Mention the Nifty50s to them and encourage them to visit as well. You’ll be helping them and you’ll make an appreciative friend for yourself.

More Nifty Tips

We’ve been storing NiftyTips to assist you and for you to share.

Are You a Joiner?

Professional societies can play an important role in your job search

One can make a very strong case for networking sitting atop the job search mountain. Successfully scale that terrain and surely your job seeking will be fruitful.

    Many job search experts also state that a valuable nugget buried inside of that job search mountain is participating in professional societies. Regardless of your industry or line of work, there is a good chance that there is a professional society that addresses your needs.

    Meetings of professional societies are great opportunities to meet others in your field.

    Yeah, yeah. We know. No one is having meetings now.

    Or, are they? Many societies have done what everyone else is doing they’re taking their programs online. Granted, these virtual meetings do lack that up close and personal touch you find in live events. But you still have opportunities to make contacts. You just have to work it a little harder. If you encounter someone from XYZ Company at one these online meetings and XYZ is one of your target companies, you can capture the name and reach out the next day via LinkedIn. Voila! A new contact.

    Of course the other good news is that most of these online offerings are free. And you don’t have to get dressed up and drive there. And you can’t still “attend” if you’re 100 miles away.

    Another optimistic note is that as things start to loosen up, many societies will be looking toward in-person events – a gold mine for any job seeker.

    Of course your society may have a chapter in your vicinity. If you’re interested in finding out, there is a website – – which lists a vast number of professional societies sorted by industry or job type. Yours should be easy to find. And you can see if that society has a chapter in your area. 

    It might be worth a look.

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