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Older Workers Face Challenges

in Workforce After COVID-19

by Sally Hernandez at

As businesses start to reopen, one age group looking for work may feel shut out of the job search.

    “We know that unemployment hits older people 50-plus-on to a larger group at all times never mind during the pandemic like this,” said Susan Reinhard with the Public Policy Institute at AARP.

    Before the pandemic, nearly 5 million Americans ages 55 years old and up worked in retail, and another 1 million worked in the food industry. Many lost their jobs when businesses were forced to shut down to slow the spread of the coronavirus. With businesses allowed to slowly reopen, older Americans may face age discrimination in their job search.

OK Boomer, OK Millennial: 

Why We’re Not OK At Work Together

by Mark C. Perna at

“OK, Boomer” may be the mantra of many in the younger generations, but Boomers have their own grievances against the Millennials. A recent study from Olivet Nazarene University reveals significant rifts in the workplace between America’s two largest generational cohorts…

    According to the survey, 30% of Millennials say they're being held back by an older colleague. At the same time, 51% of Boomers are worried that a younger colleague could take their job. More than half of the Boomer respondents (52%) reported experiencing age discrimination in the workplace.

Second Careers That Stem From a Love of Gardening

Tips from 3 flower farmers who've seen their businesses sprout

by Monica Cardoza at

With a growing demand for local, sustainably grown fresh-cut flowers, some people with a love of gardening have found second careers as flower farmers.

    “The DNA’s already there,” says Debra Prinzing, 60, the Seattle-based author of The 50 Mile Bouquet and host of the Slow Flowers podcast. “Many growers are lifelong gardeners who’ve made it fit their lifestyles.

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3 Tips For Applying To Jobs In A Different Industry

by Kourtney Whitehead at

In a difficult job market, you may find yourself needing to consider job openings that wouldn’t be on your radar during normal times.

    While all businesses are affected by the pandemic in some way, a few industries have been more negatively impacted than others. Many companies in retail, travel, media, higher education and leisure have instituted hiring freezes, furloughs or layoffs. This leaves fewer options for displaced employees to focus their job searches on the industries that they know best.

Coronavirus Affecting Your Job Search?

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Can’t Fake This

Facts don’t lie;

neither should your resume

They say that there is a time and place for everything. Nowhere is that more true than in a job search.

    While it’s never OK to lie at any time during a job search, a resume is one place where – due to the nature of the beast – facts are paramount. Let’s face it, resumes are by their very nature fact-based. You worked for ABC Company from month, year until month, year. There’s no way around that. You held this position (title). You graduated from this institution at such and such a time with a degree in your major.

    It’s all very straight forward. Unfortunately, your resume will be cut and dried – just like everyone else’s. Your resume – in and of itself – will probably not get you the job. It can be your foot in the door however; a way to demonstrate to the prospective employer that you belong, that you’re qualified.

    Think back over the years to all the instances where people have outright lied on their resumes. Ultimately, they all get caught and, when they do, it’s doesn’t end well. But end, it does.

    Once your resume has proven to the employer that you belong there, that’s when you can differentiate yourself. Just because it’s come down to you and someone else and you’re both Project Managers, that doesn’t mean that you’re identical.

    It’s in that interview where you can distinguish yourself. That’s when you show that you’re not just any Project Manager – and here’s why.

    Note, no one said anything about lying, or embellishing, or stretching the truth. This is not a license to lie, 007. You still have to be truthful, but in telling your particular story, that’s the big difference. That’s where you show how much of a better candidate you are than the other project manager.

    When it comes down to the two of you, it may be your fact-based resume that got you there, but it’s you and your ability to weave a story that will resonate with that interviewer that will carry the day.

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