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Workers 35 Years & Older May Suffer More Job Losses & Chronic Unemployment In The Wake Of COVID-19

by Jack Kelly at

One of the many unfortunate repercussions of COVID-19 is that older workers will have an exceedingly more difficult time getting back on their feet. They’re more likely to be terminated and will certainly experience hardships finding a new job at the same level and compensation as the one they’ve lost.

Older Adults Could Be Our Ticket to Prosperity

after the Pandemic

by Helen Hirsh Spence at

Without hesitation we have asked retired professionals to return to work as we battle COVID-19. Seniors can help the economy recover after, too.

    I continue to marvel at how very blind we, as a society, are to ageism. Doesn’t anyone else notice that when there’s a cry for help in a crisis, we turn to the older, often retired professionals to lend a helping hand?

A Note to Our Readers

During the COVID pandemic, many organizations, companies and work groups have turned to online meetings and presentations. We’ve noticed this trend with webinars (and such) focused on job search with an emphasis on older workers and we’ve noted these programs in our regular listing.

    To that end, beginning next Monday, May 18 we will begin including a listing of these programs for you to review and register if you so desire. One caveat: some of these programs may be focused on a particular geographic area. That doesn’t mean, however, that will not have benefits for you.

    We will wait and see if this is a trend or practice suitable for making this listing a permanent feature of Nifty50s. As always, we welcome your comments and feedback.

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How Do I Prove That I'm the Best Candidate

in an Interview?

by Jessica Vann at

Standing out in your job search is crucial, but it’s also hard. The truth is, a lot of people are just as qualified as you when it comes to comparing resumes.

    So, don’t think of it that way! Instead, dig into the intangibles of who you are. No, not the straightforward qualifications or keywords that got you the interview, but the actual you…

    The reason they’re going to select you over the other “equally qualified” candidate. Here’s what you can emphasize.

Coronavirus Affecting Your Job Search?

We've added some additional material that we hope can help.

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Story Time

Need something to separate you from the pack? Here’s our story.

It’s especially true for older job applicants that you need something to separate yourself from the pack of other candidates. Sometimes the answer to that dilemma is obvious: your experience in that role or in that industry; glowing recommen-dations from a colleague or supervisor; education, etc.

    Sometimes, however, the lines of demarcation are not so clear and obvious. That’s when you need to reach down into your bag of tricks.

    You can talk all you want about your past positions, etc., but what will be most memorable in the mind of that interviewer? What is going to make that interviewer remember you when you’re stacked up against the other candidates?

    There is an old adage that says that “facts tell; stories sell.” If you want to “sell yourself” to that interviewer, you had better be able to spin a good yarn. [Truthfully, of course, this no time for fiction writing.]

    From the interviewer’s perspective, anyone can recite where they worked and when they worked there, and what positions or titles they held. But if you can make it real with a story, now you’ve got something. Tell us how you opened a new sales territory, or returned a stagnant product to profitability, or cut costs by 15 percent.

    The experts say that a good story consists of three components: the challenge you faced; the action you took; and the results you achieved. Increased productivity. Lower turnover. Those are all good tales to tell.

    And, if you’re not certain that your stories will sell, test them on your job search buddy, or your spouse, or a friend or colleage. Make sure that they are as honest with you as you are in telling your story.

    Get to that point, and you’ve got a story worth telling.

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