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3 Benefits Of Working

A Temporary Job Following A Layoff

by Aaron Sanborn at

Once the shock of a layoff begins to wear off, an impacted employee has to make a host of important decisions. One of those decisions may be to find a short-term job in the interim, while working on long-term career goals.

    Finding your next dream job doesn't always happen over night, but that doesn't mean you should give up on it. However, to fill the gap of time between a layoff and finding a new full-time job in your desired industry, it may be necessary to work a temporary or part-time job. Some people refer to this as a "gap job."

    While working a gap job may not have been part of your ultimate career plan, it will not only help you make ends meet, but there are some benefits that could help in the future.

Job Searching In The Age Of Social Distancing

by Laura M. Labovich at

If you've ever been in a job search, you know that your time is often filled with networking events, lunches, coffees and speed "dating" events of all kinds. If you are currently in or embarking on a job search, you may be asking yourself, how can it possibly be done in the age of social distancing? How can you vet an opportunity and allow a company to truly consider you as a strong candidate when in-person meetings and interviews are entirely off the table?

How to Handle Mid-Career Burnout

by Jennifer L. Grybowski at

Research has shown that career satisfaction bottoms out when professionals are in the middle of their careers. In fact, mid-career burnout is such a common occurrence that many psychologists have devoted their whole careers to studying it…

    If you feel burned out, try the following.

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Accelerate Your Job Search During COVID-19

by Dana Manciagli at

As a global job search coach, I get daily questions about job searching during this unpredictable time…

  • How should I continue to job hunt during this time of COVID-19?

  • Should I change how I job hunt at all?

Even more concerning is that active job seekers have expressed these fears and myths to me:

  • COVID-19 has had me very spooked. I see jobs disappear on LinkedIn and assume the worst for my job search.   MORE

Coronavirus Affecting Your Job Search?

We've added some additional material that we hope can help.

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Not From Scratch

Older job seekers may need a boost when preparing job search materials

You’re over the age of 50 and you’re suddenly out of work. You haven’t looked for a job in years (if not decades.) You know you need help with your resume (and other tools) but you don’t know where to begin.

    Sure, there are services that will help you with your resume — for a fee. But you’re out of work; you need to conserve cash. Can you afford to pay for a resume?

    Fortunately there is help. And it’s right at the end of your fingertips. In the year 2020, when you need to learn something about something, where do you turn? Why the internet of course.

    A simple Google search for “resume templates 2020" yielded more than 100 million hits, and “free resume templates 2020" produced nearly 50 million more than that. Before you feel too overwhelmed, a quick glance at the latest version of Microsoft Office uncovered multiple templates for resumes, cover letters, business letters and more.

    It’s all there for the taking.

    What’s more, if you feel like you need help in tracking and organizing your job search, many experts recommend keeping a Job Log to track your contacts, activities and meetings; where you’ve applied and when; reminders regarding follow-up dates, etc. Not familiar with a Job Log? If you ask our friends at Google about “job log templates,” if you’re like us, they’ll give you more than 700 million responses.

    Keep in mind that very few (if any) of these “templates” will be a perfect fit for you at step one. But they all can be modified to meet your specific situation and needs. They’re guides, idea starters and, as such, they can be very valuable. Even the free ones.

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