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As if anyone needed a reason to get down on older workers
An Outbreak of Ageism

by Mary Schmich at

Until now, I’ve rarely thought of myself as old, at least not in the diminishing way the word is often used.

    I’m guessing a lot of people my age — I’m 66 — would say the same. We joke about getting old. We know we have more years behind us than we have ahead. Still, we’re energetic and engaged and hoping to stay that way a while.

    But every day since COVID-19 began its sneak attack across the land, people in their 60s and older are summoned to think about how old we really are.

The view from Down Under
Older Jobless at Risk
of Becoming Chronically Unemployed

By Stephen Miles and Emily Chantiri at

As tens of thousands join the ranks of the unemployed in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, it's crisis time for the older jobless, many of whom are at risk of never being able to fully recover…

    Senior sources in the banking and the forecasting sectors said their analysis showed Australia was headed for an unemployment rate of 15 per cent or more, up from 5.1 per cent now, with 2 million people out of work.

Let’s hope you never have to follow this path
Workplace Age Discrimination
Could Become Even Harder to Prove in Court


Age discrimination remains one of the greatest vulnerabilities that American workers face.

    A 2018 AARP study of adults age 45 and older found that more than 60% said they had seen age discrimination in their workplace or experienced it themselves.

    While most incidents go unreported, over 15,000 workers filed a claim of workplace age discrimination with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission in 2019 alone.

Our next edition…
Things are tough all over
Older People Widely Demonised in UK,
Ageism Report Finds
Older members of society mostly seen as incompetent, hostile or a burden


The UK’s ageist attitudes have been revealed in a report that shows older people are widely mocked, patronised and demonised by the rest of society.

    Older people are mostly seen as incompetent, hostile or a burden on others, according to a review of the evidence that found they are subject to a litany of damaging stereotypes.

    Negative attitudes are rife in the workplace, in health and social care and in the media.

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First Impressions
If they see you as “old,” how do you see them?

What’s the old adage? “First impressions are lasting.” That’s very true and nowhere is it more true than in a job interview.

    Of course you’re concerned about how the interviewer will view you when you meet. You’re standing upright; shoulders back; firm handshake. Yeah, but then there’s that gray hair. Absent some hair dye, not much you can do there.

    So you have to overwhelm them with your capabilities, your value to the organization, etc., etc. And you can do that. After the interview starts.

    But there are two sides to that coin. While the interviewer is getting a first impression of you, you should also be getting one as well. What about their disposition? Are they have a bad day?

    You really need to lock in on what makes that interviewer tick. How can you move them? What seems to be most important to them? 

    The office decor may offer some clues. Are there a lot of family pictures around the office suggesting someone who has a keen interest in family? How can you turn that to your advantage? Are there athletic items suggesting being a fan of a sport or a team? Is the office sprinkled with objets d'art? Is there a theme that can clue you in on something?

    Yes. First impressions are lasting – yours and theirs. It’s up to you to make the most of both.

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