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Here’s Why The Workplace Of The Future
Must Include Older Workers

by Kerry Hannon at

This is not a good time to be over 50 and looking for a job.

    It’s chilling. Many employers give lip service to not being ageist, but don’t provide ramps to keep experienced workers on board. Nor do they hire them with open arms. Negative views persist about the cost of older workers, their stamina, their technological ability and their eagerness for learning new ways of doing things.   MORE

3 Winning Resolutions for the Savvy Jobseeker

by Eileen Williams at

The months of January and February generally represent the strongest hiring period of the year. New projects, initiatives, and budgets are put into place. Organizations need employees to carry out their plans so hiring takes off at the beginning of the year. Therefore, as a savvy job-seeker of maturity, you’ll want to power-up your job search and position yourself as the attractive and valuable candidate you are.

    Here are three winning resolutions to help you do just that.

5 Generations, 1 Workforce:
How to Build a Workplace That Meets Everyone’s Needs

by Teresa Hopke at

For the first time in modern history, five generations of employees are working shoulder to shoulder in American offices. While this represents a great opportunity for organizations, the situation is not without risks. Reports hint that intergenerational tensions are mounting, and companies must create harmonious work environments that accommodate a wide range of employee wants and needs if they hope to keep the peace…

    According to the survey, 31 percent of American workers plan on holding some kind of job in retirement, and more than half of these unretirees plan to work until the ends of their lives. As long as increasing numbers of workers are choosing to stay in the workforce, multigenerational workplaces will be the norm.

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Is It Better to Apply Through
a Company’s Own Website Instead of a Job Board?

by Alyse Kalish at

Today’s the day you apply for that job. Your materials are ready to go, but as you’re browsing around one last time you discover that the role you’re interested in is posted not just on the company’s careers page, but also on LinkedIn and various job boards…

    You wonder if there’s a reason why it’s posted on multiple platforms, or if applying one way is better than another.   MORE

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It’s your resume; it’s your job search; make it look like you

We received a note recently from a man who noted that in two articles which we published on resumes, there was conflicting advice. His question got us thinking, not just about resumes, but about a lot of job search components and that there are very few absolutes in those worlds.

    If you review the many articles that you see on resumes, you’re going to see conflicting statements. There aren’t many things that all the experts agree on. But that also doesn’t mean that it’s a free-for-all out there either.

    Here’s one certainty. As an older job seeker, virtually all the advice you see will be to ditch your “aol” email address. Nothing says “old” like aol. There are a number of techniques that will apply across all lines on LinkedIn. The same holds true for interviews — don’t arrive late dressed like you just stepped out of a drunken brawl.

    But there are open debates on many other topics. Should you submit your resume as a pdf or a word processing document? Many experts advise that applicant tracking systems (ATS) cannot read a pdf. Others prefer the solidity of the pdf. Bottom line: you choose.

    And that is our philosophy at Nifty50s. We go to great lengths to find information to help you in your job search. Sometimes there are disagreements and even conflicts. But we believe that it is our job to present to you as many points of view as we can and have you make up your own mind as to what works best for you.

    After all, it is your job search.

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