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Combating Ageism in the Workplace


Priyanka Gothi, founder of Wise at Work, discusses aging populations and combating ‘ageism’ in the workplace. She speaks to Bloomberg Live’s Mallika Kapur on “Bloomberg Markets: Asia.” WATCH the interview.

Caregiver Faces Resume Gap & Reference Risk


The very best job applicant can be sunk when employers rely on information that the applicant has no opportunity to explain. If your old boss gives a negative reference and you have no chance to refute it, you’re done. If an employer is troubled by a gap on your resume because you were a caregiver and you’re not there to explain it, you lose. You’ll never know what happened in either case.

    The problem here isn’t your old boss or your resume — or that you took time off to be Mom’s caregiver. The problem is that you’re allowing someone (an unexpected reference) or something (your resume) to represent you. Why not be represented to your advantage by someone the employer trusts?   MORE

Best Ways for Midlife Entrepreneurs
to Reach Their Target Audience


One of the trickiest things for midlife entrepreneurs is to find and reach their target market. It’s also one of the most essential tasks for startup success.

    Read MORE and listen to the podcast.

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Recognizing the Positive Contributions
of an Ever-Aging Society

by Laurie Edwards-Tate at

An uptick among an aging society in developing countries are home to approximately 600 million persons age 60 and over, which WHO estimates will double by 2025 and become a staggering two billion by 2050.

    This unprecedented global phenomenon has broad-range implications for governments, policy-making, economics, institutions, businesses and the like; and, for global people at-large.   MORE

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Settle Down
Many older job seekers may have to “settle” for less than what they had before

No one likes to admit it. This is especially true for older job seekers. But will you be able to match your previous situation – in terms of responsibility, position and money – especially money.

    The reasons are many and varied. Some may classified as age discrimination and some may not. “We can’t afford to pay you what you were earning before.” “We can only afford to pay you (some number, maybe 70 percent) of what you were earning on your last job.” “We’re concerned that you may want to retire in a few years.” “After your last job, we’re afraid that you won’t find this position sufficiently challenging.” 

    And that’s just the beginning.

    Of course, everyone would like to be earning as much as before, if not more. The reality is, however, for job seekers over 50 that may not be the case. So what’s it going to be?

    You need to determine early on in your job search what you would be willing to settle for if it ever becomes available. It could be a lesser job or less money. No matter what, you should know that up front and be willing to act accordingly. 

    And there is no right or wrong answer, it's totally dependent on you and your situation and/or circumstances.

    Also, try to determine how any or all of that will change overtime. You might be able to afford to pass on something early on in your job search, but what if you're in month 6, or month 8, or month 12 - how will those time frames affect your "settle for."

    Many experts advise to not jump at the first thing that comes along. That’s good advice. On the other hand, you really do need to make up your mind – up front – as to what you’re comfortably willing to settle for.

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