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5 Keys to Flourishing in Your Second-Act Career


In his fascinating book, Flourish: A New Visionary Understanding of Happiness and Well-Being noted psychologist Martin Seligman identifies five keys to a rich, full and satisfying life…

    Seligman’s book applies to people of all ages, not just those over 50. But as I read it, I couldn’t help but notice that the five factors integral to well-being —positive emotion, engagement, strong relationships, meaning, and accomplishment — are also the foundational pieces of a strong second-act career.   MORE

How to Make a Radical Career Switch
from entrepreneurs who jumped between industries and found big success


People change careers for many different reasons, and a new year can get you thinking about your next step.

    For some folks, that means leaving their nine-to-five job and starting a brand new career as an entrepreneur and business owner in a completely different industry.

    If you're thinking about a career change in the new year, you may want to get the advice of others who have done it before.

Administrative Assistant Jobs
Helped Propel Many Women into the Middle Class.
Now They’re Disappearing.

by Heather Long, Washington Post

Rita Maxwell had no idea she was about to lose the job she’d had for nearly 20 years when her boss told her to meet him in the conference room at the end of the work day.

    In a short conversation, Maxwell’s longtime boss, the head of an executive search firm in Northern Virginia, informed her that he no longer needed an executive assistant to handle his scheduling, errands and phone calls. He offered her a few weeks of severance pay and said he would stay late while she packed her belongings.   MORE

Todd Little

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These Are the 7 Most Deadly LinkedIn Sins

by Stephen Key at

LinkedIn is growing by leaps and bounds. No surprise — it’s a perfect place for people to connect and do business online. Though along with the platform’s growth, there seems like an ever-growing divide between users who see huge returns on their investment and those who swear that LinkedIn just “doesn’t work.”   MORE

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How’s Your ‘Tude
Attitude and character can go a long way in distinguishing your candidacy

As important as the factual elements of your work experience are, there are some intangibles that can make or break your job search.

    Your educational background and your work history are, for the most part, simple statements of fact.  You attended this institution; you were awarded this degree; you completed this during a given time period. Facts.

    You worked for this organization from this date to that date; you held this or those positions; you were responsible for these duties; you achieved these results, awards, etc. More facts.

    And facts stand for themselves.

    Then there are the intangibles. Your reliability. Your dedication. You being responsible. These (and others) are not so simply stated. This is why employers interview candidates – to determine what the person is like, what kind of character the person exhibits. And a big part of that is your attitude.

    As one recruiter we know stated, “It's all about the attitude. Attitude matters. We can teach skill, but we can't teach attitude.”

    Attitude’s close cousin is character. How do you conduct yourself under various circumstances. Another recruiter friend noted, “Being positive defines your character. True character comes out when things are not going well. It's easy to be positive when things are going well.”

    If you’re looking for things to separate you from other candidates from the job, attitude and character are two traits that should be in your favor. As a mature candidate, your work experience should have afforded you the opportunity to develop a positive attitude and a sound character.

    After all these years, you’ve earned it.

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