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Overcoming Stereotypes
Handle concerns an employer may have about hiring an older worker


Older workers include anyone born before 1964. Hiring bias against any worker age 40 and older is illegal, but some job seekers still experience it. Be aware of these potential stereotypes so that you can address how you present and describe yourself.

Author Barbara Rose Brooker Is 83
and Proud to Be Age-Inappropriate

by Liz Harris at

Barbara Rose Brooker doesn’t mince words. Whether in conversation or in writing, she expresses what she feels.

    “I’m 83 — and I am not age appropriate — and I love my age,” says the San Francisco resident. “I think it’s sexy and full of hope, and I’m sick to death of all the people in their 50s and 60s who are crying about their age.”

    Oh, that’s not all.

Barbara Rose Booker

Living in an Age of Ageism

by Richard Lomuscio at

The most recent issue of the AARP Bulletin has a cover story devoted to what it refers to as the “last acceptable bias”…

    This special report… found that “about three in five older workers have seen or experienced age discrimination in the workplace." And “76 percent of these workers see age discrimination as a hurdle to finding a new job.”

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The Pitch and the Follow-Up: 
Two Important Pieces of Effective Networking

by Katie Keller at

You’ve transitioned out… and you find yourself trying to navigate the ever-changing job seeking obstacle course.

    “I haven’t updated my resume in ten years. Are cover letters still a thing? Where do I need to post my resume again?”

    All of these thoughts pale in comparison to actually interacting with recruiters face to face, or meeting with a potential employer. 

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Social Networking
Forget social media, social networking is a big plus for the 50+ job seeker

Networking – an essential for any job seeker whether you’re over 50 or under 30. Granted some people are much better at networking than others. There are numerous factors that determine your own personal success or shortcomings.

    There are also many types of networking. Attending a large networking event with 30-50-100 people leaps to mind. But networking can be one on one as well when you schedule an informational interview. 

    When you get right down to it, you can even network electronically through email, LinkedIn or even the telephone. After all, not surprisingly this is the 21st Century.

    For the over 50 job seeker, there is one huge advantage to “social networking” where you experience actual in-person contact with other people. The older advantage here is that, with so many extra years under our belts, we very simply know more people. This results in more people to contact directly and more people to refer us to even more people.

    It also follows that, proportionately, older job seekers will have more quality contacts in addition to greater quantities. And it’s those quality contacts that can really pay dividends in a job search.

    When you factor in personal contacts in addition to professional contacts, your social network becomes even more valuable. That’s a whole other web from which you can spider out.

    Younger job seekers may be more adept at acquiring masses on contacts through social media, but the quality of many of those contacts may be in question. As alluded to earlier, it’s quality over quantity.

    And quality is something that the older job seeker typically has in spades.

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