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2020 Job Search And Career Predictions
For Baby Boomers

by Robin Ryan at

The new decade will be one of big change for Baby Boomers. More and more companies will offer packages to Boomers encouraging them to retire early. The federal government even offered the early retirement packages encouraging those over 55 to leave the jobs… Many clients I work with as a career counselor say that the Fortune 500 companies have been offering packages and really encouraging Baby Boomers to take it. My prediction for 2020 is that Baby Boomers will be enticed to leave their jobs when the employer offers an early retirement package.

    I asked several top career professionals to offer Baby Boomers some career predictions to navigate the new year effectively. Here is what they said.

What Older Job Seekers Should Know


Older Americans are the fastest-growing segment of the labor force, but they continue to experience barriers to employment, according to a recent ZipRecruiter survey of older job seekers. Those barriers include employer fears that older workers may lack crucial tech skills, as well as ageism and bias against older workers even when they demonstrate equal skill and competence.

    In a tight labor market, employers are increasingly tapping into the growing pool of older workers, sometimes by including explicit appeals in job postings inviting retirees to apply. The share of job postings in the ZipRecruiter marketplace inviting retirees to apply has more than doubled between 2016 and 2019.   MORE

Protect Yourself Against Age Discrimination at Work
Workers age 50 and up provide enormous value for employers


Surprised? Don’t be. Older workers bring countless advantages to the table, like a strong work ethic and the ability to solve problems. They’re loyal, reliable, and eager to learn. And when given the opportunity to acquire new and varied skills, they’re among the most engaged members of the workforce.

    But employers frequently pass over older adults in the hiring process, or fail to offer them training and education opportunities. Sometimes these oversights are unintentional; other times, they stem from persistent ageism.

    Here are some ways you can protect yourself against age discrimination at work.

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The 9-Step Quick Guide to Rehabbing Your Career

by Kanika Tolver at

One of the most important phases of your career rehab journey is creating your Rehab YOU career blueprint. Become the architect of your career by considering your desired career path, location, salary, scope, organization type, benefits and perks and mentors. You’ll start to feel more confident in your career renovations as you craft your vision of your dream career. Here’s how to get started

    1. Be a brand, not an employee

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More Nifty Tips
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You're Not Alone
Over 50 and in search of a job, there a many more just like you

It’s a strong jobs market and it has been for quite some time. Unemployment among the over 50 crowd is the lowest it’s been in more than a decade. That’s all good news.

    And yet age 50 job seekers still struggle. The good news is that, because the job market is so strong, you probably won’t have to struggle long.

    But, let’s be honest. Looking for a job – at any age – is not easy. Done right, however, there are jobs to be had and there are companies looking seriously at older workers for their experience, their reliability, their dependability, etc., etc.

    Surveys show that one in two workers are thinking about changing jobs. However, only one in ten are actually doing something about it. Most job seekers don’t know where to begin.

    The fact that you’re reading this now is proof that seeking out resources such as the Nifty50s shows that you at least know where to begin. You’ve got the initiative to actively pursue your job search in a proactive and aggressive manner. That alone puts you ahead of the crowd.

    The only real bad news is that the way you need to look for a job today – including the tools needed to search as well as the processes that have developed over the years – is vastly different from when you first entered the workforce.

    Again, the fact that you’re here shows that you’ve begun to embrace the new world of 21st Century job seeking and all that it entails. Where most job seekers don’t know where to begin, you’re already there and moving forward.

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