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Is Side-Hustle a New Dance Seniors Are Learning?
Judging by the growing numbers of people 55 and older seeking out these gigs,
the answer is yes

by Neale Godfrey at

As we recovered from the recession, many people who wanted to work took any extra jobs they could. In my day, we called these gigs part-time work, second jobs or moonlighting, but in this new age of clever lexicon, they have been dubbed “side hustles.” A side hustle is usually taken in addition to your other work, or you can string a bunch together. You are really freelancing to supplement your income.   MORE

Your 2020 Job Search Strategy

by Linda Qu at

So maybe you weren’t able to land that job in 2019, or maybe you’re looking for a fresh start in your career. A new year (and a new decade) is a great opportunity to reprioritize your job search with a fresh mindset. 

    It’s important to be well-prepared so that you have enough time to research positions and companies, craft solid cover letters and resumes, and take any additional steps necessary to land an interview. It’s time to build your 2020 job search strategy.   MORE

Higher Education Job Search Tips for Older Employees

by Erin Burns at

“Teaching and learning have always been intergenerational processes,” shares Dr. Heather Wallace, Assistant Professor for the Public Health program at Grand Valley State University. “Older employees have plenty to offer the higher education workplace”…

    In a competitive job market, how can senior job seekers highlight their skills? 

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Dire Predictions For The Job Market In 2020

by Jack Kelly at

Just because you turn the page on the calendar, it doesn’t mean that things will be radically different. History shows that most major events unfold slowly and then happen all of a sudden.  

    The start of 2020 will continue the current trends that we are witnessing right now. This includes the slow and steady ascension of sophisticated technology, global connectivity, an aging population in the workforce and a confluence of other factors that will enhance existing trends and bring about big, new changes. 

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It’s Story Time
Your story may be the defining moment of your job search

You’ve probably heard people compare a job search to the sales process — where you’re selling yourself.  There’s a lot of truth to that.

    Breaking it down, your preparation is the marketing component of the process with the actual job interview taking on the role of the sales pitch.  When you succeed at the sales pitch, you land the job!  True also.

    Looking at it a bit more closely, think of it this way: You’re marketing yourself with your resume and cover letters as well as your individual efforts to land an interview.  Your efforts typically will include sending out your resume, networking at a variety of levels, responding to the online jobs boards, etc.

    But to truly sell yourself – your product, namely you – you must excel in the interview.  To make your interview successful requires several things that you must master.  Keep in mind, a successful sales pitch involves selling the benefits of the product.  How will this product make the customer’s day better?

    Before walking into that interview, you need to know how to present/sell yourself.  What is your value proposition to the organization?  For the 50+ job seeker, your strongest attribute(s) is probably your experience.  Is that the value you bring to the organization?  Or, is it something else?

    What is your story?  What compelling aspects of your professional life and/or work ethic will make you “the right fit” for this particular position?  Do you have it all worked out and rehearsed ahead of time?  Thinking that you can “wing it” or “fake it” probably is not the most prudent approach. There is no substitute for being adequately prepared.

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