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Too Much Experience To Be Hired?
Some Older Americans Face Age Bias


Most baby boomers say that they plan to keep working past conventional retirement age. But to do that, they have to get hired first. New research shows that can be harder when you‘re older…

    “The call-back rate — the rate by which employers us and say we‘d like to interview you — drops from young applicants to middle-aged applicants and drops further from middle-aged applicants to older applicants,” says David Neumark, who is a professor of economics at the University of California, Irvine

    He also found the results were worse for older women than for older men.   MORE

Could Older Workers Save Restaurants?
An age diverse workforce might just be the answer operators are looking for

by Danny Klein at

Going out on a limb, this probably won’t be the last trends story before 2020 arrives. This predictive gamble has so many angles. But that’s the restaurant industry, isn’t it? It’s nothing if not chaotic.

    Ask any operator, though, in any corner of the business, all sizes, names, and histories inclusive, what’s keeping the bedroom light on long into the night, and labor won’t be far down the list. We know the stats: Unemployment of 3.5 percent—the lowest jobless rate since 1969. Roughly 308,700 restaurant jobs added over the past year.

    That job-seeker’s market has disrupted the cyclical turnover restaurants historically face.   MORE

‘Tis The Season To Be Ageist

by Patricia Barnes at

Older women face unique challenges in society due to a combination of age and sex discrimination…

    Research shows that ageism, one of the least acknowledged forms of prejudice, has an adverse impact on older Americans’ health.   MORE

Dire Predictions For The Job Market In 2020

by Jack Kelly at

Just because you turn the page on the calendar, it doesn’t mean that things will be radically different. History shows that most major events unfold slowly and then happen all of a sudden.  

    The start of 2020 will continue the current trends that we are witnessing right now…

    Artificial intelligence, robotics and technology will slowly and steadily displace millions of workers… If your job can be replaced by AI, it will. You will then be forced into scrambling for a new career.   MORE

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Don’t Forget
It’s easy to overlook some very basic things during a job search

If you’re like most people, staying focused on your job search is enough to occupy most of anyone’s waking hours. While that’s a good thing and we would never suggest otherwise, here are few things to keep in mind to maintain your balance.

    One, start a journal.  In it, write down every time you accomplish something. There is a lot of negativity surrounding a job search and it’s so very easy to let it envelope you. But there are instances of good news as well. If you keep track of those positive experiences, they can be a lifeline to save you from the negativity. Going back and reading about the positive will remind you that there are things that you’re doing right and if you can keep those things top-of-mind, you will get through this.

    Two, it’s critically important to remember that you’re not in this alone. Therefore, be certain to show appreciation to your loved ones who are supporting you. As tough as your job search can be on you, don’t forget that it’s also difficult for them as well. They will be that much more likely to remain supportive if you recognize their involvement and commitment too.

    Three, while you're pursuing your next job; acquire a skill. You probably have some time on your hands while you’re job searching, so why not put that time to good use. And acquiring a skill has never been easier. The online world is awash with tutorials and other training aids to help you learn most anything. And, if you’re one of those people who prefer live, in-person learning, your local libraries and community colleges offer an overwhelming array of classes on any number of things – personal and professional.

    As important as your job search is, there are other aspects of your life that can pay huge benefits if you don’t overlook them.

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