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Holiday Networking:
Why It’s Important, and How to Approach It

by John Feldmann at

Another year is fading into the past and the holidays are right around the corner, which can only mean one thing: holiday gatherings. Office parties, family events, lunches, dinners, pot lucks, socials, happy hours – the holiday season always brings numerous opportunities for people to get together, catch up with those they don’t see often, socialize with coworkers and clients outside the office, and spread holiday cheer with everyone from loved ones to total strangers.

    In addition to some much-needed relaxation and celebration, holiday gatherings provide another opportunity: the chance to network. Every successful business professional and savvy job seeker knows the importance of networking to one’s career, and the increased social activity that takes place during the holiday season provides many of us with more networking opportunities than we experience all year.   MORE

8 Easy Ways to Clean Up Your Social Media
(Because Hiring Managers Really Do Look at It)

by Stephanie Nieves at

What if I told you that we all have two resumes?

    The first is the crisp white sheet sprinkled with bullet points and carefully-chosen verbs. On it are descriptions of our education, the positions we’ve held, and acquired skills. This one we reserve for job interviews…

    The reality is that hiring managers are looking at your social media just as thoroughly as your resume or cover letter.   MORE

How to Deal With Ageism During Job Interviews

by Sharlyn Lauby at

I ran across this article on Harvard Business Review titled, “5 Ways to Respond to Ageism in a Job Interview.” It’s worth checking out. 

    It’s unfortunate but ageism exists. And there’s a real debate going on right now whether ageism is being perpetuated by organizations or individuals. Meaning, are companies really the villains when it comes to pointing out that age is a factor in employment decisions OR are individuals the victim for not keeping up with the times. Personally, I think there’s a bit of both happening in the workplace today.   MORE

5 Tips To Make A Career Change In The New Year

by Caroline Castrillon at

The New Year is traditionally a time for fireworks, celebrations, resolutions, and now, career change. A new study from Fiverr and YouGov shows that nearly 6 in 10 U.S. workers are looking to change something about their work or career in the New Year. Some of the changes they are considering include their company, industry or job location. These results underscore the fact that work has dramatically shifted over the past decade. People no longer have jobs for life and are prioritizing purpose over profit.   MORE

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Do You Feel Lucky?
It was anything but luck for Dirty Harry

It’s Friday the 13th and luck is all around us. Whether you’re Dirty Harry Callahan of movie fame, or just you, average ordinary job seeker, luck has got nothing to do with. Or does it?

    Football coaches are famous for extolling that “luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.” And there is a lot to that. Dirty Harry’s preparation was in knowing how many shots he had fired. Your preparation is researching companies and hiring managers, knowing your resume and for what prospective hiring managers are searching. 

    That’s not luck. That’s a lot of hard work. But you don’t need us to tell you that. Do you? Of course not.

    But there are those few exceptions. Those rare (and they are rare) instances where there is no other explanation other than being in the right place at the right time.

    Case in point: We know a job seeking woman who was in a coffee shop waiting to meet a contact for an informational interview. While she was waiting, she overheard the conversation at the next table. There, two men were talking about how they needed to hire someone with a certain skill set – a skill set that our friend possessed.

    She politely interrupted their conversation and said, “I can do that.” Long story short, they hired her.

    Another case in point: A job seeker sat down on an airplane next to another gentleman. They began talking casually. The other man explained that his company was looking for someone with a certain skill set. Can you guess what happened? Yep. The job seeker filled the bill precisely. Their inflight conversation became a job interview and the job seeker got the job.

    We’re our two friends just lucky? Sure. But their stories are the rare exceptions. You can’t bank on Lady Luck to seat you next to a hiring manager. You have to make your own breaks and you do that through research, networking, etc.

    Lucky for you that you know all the right things to do.

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